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Here's how to add a Web Site to Cleveland Search.
Please use the "Modify" form to submit updates when your web pages change.
Please submit one page at a time, fill out the form completely, and we'll add your site as soon as possible.
NOTE: Only web sites from the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area will be added to our data base.
No X rated or porn web sites will be permitted!
All URL's are validated by hand

Contact Name:
Contact Email:

Tip: Add your keywords to the Description also.
If you would like to suggest a new category please send us a email.
1) Registering your site is absolutely free.
2) Once your site has been validated it will be entered into our data base.
3) Only Web Sites from the Greater Cleveland area will be accepted. (If there is a web page that you feel should be added that is outside the Cleveland area then send us a email).
4) Adult oriented, pornographic, racist, or hate sites will NOT be allowed.
5) You may submit more than one page from your site as long as they are different web pages.
6) Multiple pages that contain the same content will not be added.
7) Please do not submit web pages with these symbols in the URL: equals sign (=), dollar sign, ampersand (&),  percent sign (%),  or question mark (?).
8) We reserve the right to remove or exclude pages from the data base at any time.
9) Cleveland Search reserves the right to remove or block any site for violation of our submission guidelines
10) Words used to describe the pages must accurately represent their content.
11) Cleveland Search is not responsible for submissions to our index made by third parties on behalf of web page owners.



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